10 hotels with bathtubs so luxe, you’ll want to plan a getaway ASAP

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m traveling, one of the things I look forward to the most is indulging in a nice, long soak in the bathtub. It’s a little treat for myself that I don’t get to do at home. However, many newer, modern hotels have gotten rid of bathtubs in favor of maximizing space. *woomp woomp* But worry not, fellow tub-thumpers! Here are 10 hotels that will make all your bath time wishes come true.

Fly Smart with Malaysia Airlines Flight Deals, Exclusively on Traveloka

KUALA LUMPUR: August and September holds a special meaning in the hearts of Malaysians, as the nation comes together and unites to celebrate Malaysia's 60th independence and the commemoration of the establishment of the nation's federation; also known as Malaysia Day. In the spirit of unity, Traveloka, one of Southeast Asia's leading online travel company, has teamed up with Malaysia Airlines to empower Malaysians to spread their wings and explore new horizons.

The World’s Best Coffee Tours

For many non-morning people, coffee is a life-giving elixir. But have you ever wondered where your coffee came from? From quaint farms located in far-flung destinations, coffee beans are carefully harvested for your daily enjoyment. With coffee tours, you can observe the entire process first-hand to get more in-depth, expert knowledge about coffee, from the farming process to insights on the global coffee industry. Plus, you’ll get to experience the local coffee culture and take part in tasting

7 Cafes That Are Also Furniture Stores, Art Galleries and More

Sometimes you just want coffee – no fuss, no muss. You head to your favourite neighbourhood coffee shop, grab a cup of your usual, and you’re sorted. But other times… you just want to linger; to take your time and absorb a bit of culture, or get a little something extra beyond a cuppa. For such times when you feel the urge to shake things up and add another dimension to your coffee experience, here are a few hybrid cafes that serve up good coffee, plus a little something more. In the prolifer

Beyond the Original 7 Wonders of the World: Here’s Where to Go Next

Did you know that only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still stands today? Built around 4,500 years ago, the Great Pyramid of Giza is a man-made architectural marvel and remains a popular tourist attraction to this day. However, the rest – like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or the Colossus of Rhodes – have been worn away by time and only left as ruins. New wonders have since been discovered or built, spread out across even farther corners of the earth. From impressive man-made st

5 Luxurious Adults-only Weekend Getaways in Southeast Asia

Have you ever gone on a long-awaited vacation, only to arrive and realise that you couldn’t have chosen a worse time because it was the school holidays or a public holiday? Or perhaps every family holiday isn’t much of one for you, as you’re busy making sure everyone has packed their toothbrush and is having a good time. Shhh, it’s a safe space: we understand that sometimes you need a break — a REAL break. Across Southeast Asia, there are resorts that cater only to adults — no children allowe

Liberica Coffee: The Rarest Type of Coffee

It’s common knowledge that most of the coffee beans produced commercially come from two varieties: Arabica and Robusta. But did you know that there are actually other lesser-known varieties of coffee bean? One of them is Liberica, which accounts for less than 2% of commercially-produced coffee worldwide. In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about the world’s rarest type of coffee. Originating from Liberia in West Africa, the Liberica coffee plant produces larger, irregular-shap

Andrew Wong: Design Wunderkind Turned Accidental Restaurateur

For many people, the first cup of coffee is the highlight of their morning – it’s the only way to start the day off on the right foot. And for Malaysian restaurateur Andrew Wong, it’s no different: “Every morning I have a latte sent up from the restaurant to my office. I need coffee to kick start my day.” As part of our ‘Local Heroes’ campaign for Malaysia’s Hari Merdeka, we sat down with Andrew to pick his brains on what inspired him to take the leap from architecture and interior design to op

6 Tips to Dealing with Mental Health at Work

Work can be pretty stressful on its own, but even more so when you also have to cope with a mental illness at the same time. According to the 2017 National Health and Morbidity Survey, 29 percent of Malaysians suffer from depression and anxiety disorders, and by 2020, depression is expected to be the second biggest health concern affecting Malaysians after heart disease. Unfortunately, despite spending most of our days at work, mental health is still generally considered a taboo topic in the wo

Relaxation & Recreation: 6 Family-friendly Luxury Resorts in Asia

When school holidays roll around, do you usually find yourself racking your brains for the perfect destination to take the family? It’s certainly no easy feat to find someplace that can cater to everyone’s whims and fancies: a place where the adults can truly relax and let loose while the kids are entertained with fun activities. So we’ve taken the guesswork out of your hands with this list of all-inclusive resorts in Asia that are not only family-friendly, but oh-so-stylish and luxurious. Make

6 Undiscovered Specialty Coffee Roasters in Singapore and Malaysia

With plenty of third-wave cafés popping up right and left these days, it’s clear that coffee culture is here to stay. While this is generally good news for caffeine lovers, as you’ll have plenty of coffee shops to choose from, it’s not without its challenges. Namely: a) how to tell the good ones apart from the bandwagon-hoppers; and b) where can you savour your cuppa in peace without having to deal with crowds of people? No worries, we’ve got your back – here’s a list of cafés that roast their

7 Unforgettable Travel Experiences You Can Only Get in Asia

A melting pot of fascinating cultures and ancient wonders, it’s no secret why Asia is a top destination for travellers around the world. While some attractions can be copied, like the myriad of 3D trick art “museums” that have popped up across the region, there are many more that can only be experienced in the unique location where they originated. While there are literally hundreds of experiences to choose from, we’ve made your life easier and listed our favourites below, which feature unbelie

Answer These 5 Questions Before Accepting a Promotion | Malaysia

So you’ve been working hard for your current company for some time and have even been putting in the extra effort to impress the higher-ups. One day, you hear about a senior management position in the company that they’re hoping to fill in internally. It’s a role you feel you would do well in. Has the time finally come to take that step up? You wonder if you should speak with your supervisor and share your interest in the role. Well, it depends… Before you put your name forward for the positio

Feeling Stuck? 7 Ways to Revive Your Career

Some days when you get home, you feel exhausted. Maybe you made a mistake at work and got told off by your boss. Perhaps a project you are leading is running behind schedule and might not be able to make the deadline. But that’s okay. In your career, like in all things, there will be ups and downs. The most important thing is that you keep pushing forward, even when the going gets tough. That’s what separates those who are willing to settle from those who are motivated to keep reaching for succ

Should You Join an MNC Or a Startup? 6 Questions to Ask to Find The Right Fit

For a lot of fresh graduates about to join the workforce, the question “Am I better suited for a startup or an MNC?” is an important aspect to contemplate. It’s also a difficult question, seeing as they probably don’t have enough work experience to adequately answer it. However, even for experienced jobseekers, this is a question worth exploring. Though you’ve now acquired years of work experience under your belt, perhaps you are looking for a fresh challenge or a new opportunity in a senior ma

Food Pilgrimage: New Destinations for the Luxury Foodie-Traveller

Let’s face it: we’re spoiled by the variety of cheap, delicious food that’s easy to get. But for the most ardent of foodies, it’s all about expanding your culinary horizons. You’re looking for something fresh, new, unique. Flavours that your tongue is unaccustomed to. And you’re willing to travel far and wide for it. For the best foodie experiences that money can buy, venture to these five mouthwatering destinations. Lose track of time as you voyage past stunning vistas through the Andes on t

5 Clever Tips to Help You Stand Out Among Other Job Candidates

Every once in a while, we’ll all come across a news article about some outlandish stunt a jobseeker used to get themselves employed, which leads you to secretly beat yourself up for not coming up with it earlier or wondering if you can pull off something similar. Recruiters typically get hundreds of applications for an advertised position, so how do you get your application to stick in the minds of hiring managers? While it might help you to be creative, you don’t need to do something over-the-

Goodbye Fast Fashion, Hello Local Designer Wear

Tired of the cookie-cutter mass-produced clothes found on the racks of your typical fast fashion store? Or perhaps you’ve opened your eyes to the negative impacts of fast fashion, from the exploitation of workers in developing countries to environmental damage and high levels of waste. Try “Slow Fashion.” It is a movement that encourages mindful practices at every level in the fashion industry, including sustainable manufacturing, fair worker rights, the use of natural materials and making garm

Luckin Coffee, the Coffee Start-up that’s Changing China’s Coffee Culture

When you’re asked to picture a coffee shop, what do you envision – cosy wooden interiors piping acoustic tunes off Spotify’s “Your Favourite Coffeehouse” playlist? Customers seated in plush chairs busily typing away on their laptops or chatting with friends? That’s the kind of coffeehouse we’ve grown used to, pioneered by none other than global coffee empire, Starbucks. However, there’s a plucky start-up based in China that’s determined to change the way we consume coffee. Founded in late 2017

Coffee Bean Bucket List: 5 Coffee Beans You Must Try

When you first started drinking coffee, you probably didn’t care about where your coffee came from or what it specifically tasted like – you just needed a jolt of caffeine in order to properly wake up in the morning. But if you’ve grown to become a serious coffee fan, you’d realise there’s actually a lot happening behind the scenes before your coffee reaches your tastebuds: anything from the variety of the coffee plant and where it’s grown to how recently the beans were roasted and how they’re

Salary vs. job title: How to decide which matters more

Salary or job title: which should carry more weight? The more pragmatic might prefer the certainty of a fixed paycheck, but those with lofty aspirations might value a job title that gives them room to grow. With the exception of self-explanatory job titles, especially those with specific keywords such as ‘Head of Department’, ‘Director’, or ‘Lead Programmer’, which typically come with appropriately high salaries due to the seniority and expertise required, it can be quite a toss-up between the